RiverWind Inc works with some of Perú's numerous indigenous peoples and oral cultures, living in the Amazon basin. While our office is located in Pucallpa, the gateway city on the Ucayali River, flowing north from the southern high jungle, becoming the Amazon River in the far north.  We work upriver in the heart of the jungle. We conduct training with the Shipibo – an ancient people, their history reaching back more than a thousand years.  The Shipibo fled to the low jungle along the Ucayali, displace in the 13th Century by the expansion of the Inca kingdom.  We train Shipibo Christians to reach and teach others, still deeper in the Amazon, people who have had little or no opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus the Messiah, King of kings and Lord of lords.

The centerpiece of our ministry in these remote villages is Leadership Transformation – beginning by teaching the Bible's longer, larger, historical narrative –chronologically telling its stories from creation in Genesis 1, the calling of Abraham in chapter 12, the formation of the people of God – called to be a light to all peoples of the earth. We teach the O.T. history of the Jewish people, the covenant made with King David leading to the coming of the Messiah, Jesus.  Following Jesus' life, death, resurrection and exaltation, we walk through Acts and the growth of the early church.

After learning the stories of Scripture, selected student-leaders are invited to participate in three years of Servant Leadership studies, using materials from Development Associates International, supplemented by pastoral and ministry studies.

We also engage in Community Development with men, women and children, providing medical services provided by visiting medical mission teams, conduct mission and leadership seminars taught by visiting teams, distribute school backpacks and supplies to children, offer lifestyle classes for primary and secondary school students. in-service programs for teachers living far from skill-development opportunities, drill wells for clean water, work with women to improve their marriage, family and life skills.
RiverWind's remaining principal program - still in its early stages of development - is Environmental Stewardship.  We believe that God created and called human beings, male and female working together, to serve and perserve his Creation.  The Peruvian Amazon is one of the world's largest green places, part of what is increasingly referred to as "the Green Window", tropical rain forests encircling the earth from 23.5N to 23.5S of the Equator.  Perú's rainforests are rapidly being harvested of ancient, valuable hardwoods.

In all of these programs it is vital to serve - as the Psalmist sings -

with integrity of heart and skillful hands.

(Psalm 78:70-72).