In addition to the indigenous work, we also encourage established churches in urban areas of Peru. Several times a year we receive invitations to speak to  various churches in Lima and other cities on Peru. Over several years, we have worked with the Pucallpa evangelical churches to create an atmosphere of cooperation and community outreach. With the help of US churches and organizations, the Pucallpa churches supported a large scale community outreach event, Pucallpa Family Festival, to present the Good News and offer on-going events after the outreach.

We receive requests to visit communities and churches in Peru, the US and around the world to speak to church members and leaders.  We carefully consider each invitation as an opportunity to present the gospel, teach about the Kingdom of God, open a text of the Bible, or help believers grow in their faith. Our areas of knowledge and interest include teaching the Bible to oral cultures, theology, and the pubic life of Christians.

Festival de la Familia / Pucallpa, Peru