Leadership Transformation

Pastor Moises Davila

RiverWind's core value is transformational leadership - growing servant leaders.  We offer training programs for men and women in the church and in the wider community.  The key to training in indigenous ethnic communities involves story-telling.  They are primarily oral rather than reading cultures; their history and ancestry is passed from generation to generation through the stories of the people group.

Many, especially among older generations, are mono-lingual; they speak only their "native tongue."  During the last twenty-five to fifty years, however, schools have provided education in Spanish for the youth; today most young adults and children are bilingual, they are living in at time of transition from an oral to a reading culture.


Preaching & Teaching

In addition to the indigenous work, we also receive numerous requests to visit communities and churches to preach and teach church members and leaders.  We carefully consider each invitation as an opportunity to present the gospel, teach about the Kingdom of God, open a text of the Bible, or help believers grow in their faith.  Some of the materials we use are listed below; you may feel free to download and use them for your own personal, spiritual growth, or for Bible Studies, small groups. or classes you teach.  We simply ask that you introduce those with whom you use these studies learn about RiverWind, Inc. by directing them to our website.

Thank you, from Dick & Ruth

Leadership Curriculum Upriver in Tahuania

Pastor Juan Lopez

As an example, while we use the biblical texts of Spanish-language translations of Scriptures and the chronological materials and methods of Scriptures In Use to teach the stories of the Bible, with the help of the Bible Society of Peru we also are training RiverWind Shipibo leaders and teachers in linguistics, to help them translate those materials into  the Shipibo language.  Therefore not only the youth, but an older generation will be able to learn the stories of Scipture.

Orality - Year 1

  • BRIDGES (Scriptures in Use)
  • 40 Old Testament stories leading to Christ's ministry
  • Church Planting

C.E.L. - Year 2 (Leadership Training Center)

  • Walking with Christ - Acts & Epistles
  • DAI Servant Leadership:  Lessons 1 - 5
  • Worship 1, 2
  • Ecclesiology
  • Spanish 1

C.E.L. - Year 3

  • DAI Sevant Leadership:  Lessons 6 - 10
  • Christian Education
  • Spanish 2

C.E.L. - Year 4

  • DAI Level 2
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Spanish 3
  • Administration: Project Planning, Expenses & Reports