RiverWind's Board of Directors represents a cross-section of our partners – churches and donor communities, prayer supporters, families and friends.  Board members are passionate about God's mission globally, and RiverWind's ministry to the indigenous peoples in the Amazon basin of Peru specifically.  They care for RiverWind organizationally, for those of us on the staff team, and for those we serve in remote villages. Board members work hard to ensure long-term sustainability of RiverWind's vision and mission, and ensure that funds raised directly serve those in need.

RiverWind staff members share a strong commitment to loving God by serving well the many constituents of our organization.  They are skilled, dedicated and passionate about their work and calling, focusing their time and energy on the weak, the poor and marginalized in Peru's society, the disinherited and dispossessed.  They work tirelessly for the well-being of children, men, women and the elderly.